US to provide its key Patriot missile defence system to Ukraine

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The United States has announced that it would provide its key Patriot missile defence system to Ukraine. The Patriot missile system can be used as a shield against short-range ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and incoming jets. This will be the first-ever handover of such a defence system to Ukraine and strengthen the Ukrainian defence. The White House stated that the Patriot missile system would be part of another 1.85 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine.

The package also includes military vehicles, mortars, ammunition for HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems), and small arms.

The aid has been announced at a time when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is visiting Washington to strengthen the military ties between the two countries. The roughly eight-hour visit of the Ukrainian President to Washington included an Oval Office meeting with President Joe Biden and a joint news conference at the White House.

Mr Zelensky also spoke before Congress, urging Washington to further ramp up military aid. Ukrainian President told Congress that he proposed a peace formula in his meeting with President Biden which he hoped would result in joint security guarantees for decades to come.

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