About Us

Imagine a media landscape that transcends traditional models, evolving into a collaborative space for journalists, readers, and an engaged citizenry. Unlike the old paradigms of family-owned or corporate-controlled media driven by advertising, envision a space where editorial decisions are guided by professional judgment, not the whims of proprietors, politicians, officials, or advertisers.

In democratic societies, the minimum expectation is media independence, a demand often unmet by the commercial models of many Indian news organizations. These models not only stifle editorial autonomy but also contribute to the degradation of reporting standards, introducing practices like editorializing, paid journalism, and ‘private treaties.’ The reluctance to invest in news gathering, coupled with the creation of secondary commercial interests and ‘no-go areas,’ inflicts collateral damage on newsrooms, often tied to political and bureaucratic influences. Unsurprisingly, readers have noticed a decline in professional standards, ethical lapses, and overall quality, leading to a sense of betrayal.

Enter The Bombay Tribune, founded on the belief that robust journalism thrives when both editorially and financially independent. The publication relies primarily on contributions from readers and individuals motivated solely by the preservation of quality journalism.

Dedicated to the public good and democratic values, The Bombay Tribune aims to become a platform for traditional reporting on matters of national and global significance, complemented by authoritative analysis and commentary. Embracing the online realm allows for experimentation with new media technologies to reshape storytelling, incorporating statistics, interactive charts, video, and audio to enhance narratives.

Yogesh Vats
Founding Editor
The Bombay Tribune