Ukraine accused retreating Russians of committing a murder of civilians.

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BUCHA, Ukraine — Authorities reported Sunday that after Russian soldiers retreated from the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukrainian troops discovered brutalised bodies with bound hands, bullet wounds to the head, and signs of torture, prompting further calls for a war crimes probe and sanctions against Russia.

At least nine persons in civilian clothing appeared to have been killed at close range, according to Associated Press journalists in Bucha, a tiny community northwest of the capital. At least two of them were bound behind their backs with their hands tied behind their backs. Two victims were also seen wrapped in plastic, fastened with tape, and tossed into a ditch, according to the AP.

Authorities said they were documenting evidence of alleged atrocities to add to their case for prosecuting Russian officials for war crimes. To convict, International Criminal Court prosecutors will need to show a pattern of indiscriminant deadly assaults on civilians during Russia’s invasion.


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