Religious Scholars Assume Power in Afghanistan, Affirms Taliban’s Interior Minister

Taliban-appointed acting Interior Minister, Sirajuddin Haqqani,

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Kabul: In Afghanistan, the Taliban-appointed acting Interior Minister, Sirajuddin Haqqani, has asserted that the nation’s power now rests in the hands of religious scholars, emphasizing their understanding of the country’s interests and priorities, as reported by TOLO News. Haqqani conveyed this message during a meeting with a delegation of scholars from Islamic countries, addressing various topics such as security, economic stability, and reconstruction efforts.

During the discussions, the acting Interior Minister highlighted the Taliban’s efforts against drug production, cultivation, and smuggling, as well as their initiatives in treating drug addicts. Abdul Mateen Qani, the spokesperson for the Taliban-appointed ministry, stated, “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has achieved significant milestones in the past two years in the fight against narcotics, the rehabilitation of addicts, anti-corruption measures, ensuring nationwide security, stability, and fostering economic growth.”

According to some political analysts, the visit of the Islamic countries’ delegation to engage with officials of the Islamic Emirate holds potential for addressing certain challenges in the country. Khalil Ahmad Nadim, a political analyst, emphasized the responsibility of Islamic countries and the international community to focus on Afghanistan and encourage the current government to heed these perspectives. Nadim expressed optimism, stating, “I think the visit of these scholars is effective.”

However, not all analysts share the same view. Sayed Javad Sajadi, another political analyst, expressed skepticism, stating, “Their visit with the Taliban officials, I think, will not have a tangible change in the behavior of the Taliban.” Despite differing opinions, the engagement between the delegation and Taliban officials remains a focal point in the ongoing efforts to navigate Afghanistan’s complex political landscape.

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