North Korea Issues Warning: US Interference with ‘Space Assets’ Deemed ‘Declaration of War’

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

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Washington: In a recent statement reported by KCNA, North Korea has issued a stern warning, asserting that any interference by the United States with its “space assets” will be treated as a “declaration of war.” The country’s defense ministry strongly condemned the perceived hostility from the US Space Force toward North Korea’s reconnaissance satellite, describing it as a direct challenge to sovereignty and a declaration of war.

This warning follows North Korea’s announcement of the successful launch of its inaugural spy satellite, named “Malligyong-1,” a development that analysts believe could enhance the nation’s ability to target adversaries’ forces with precision. However, the satellite’s existence has not been independently confirmed by South Korea, the United States, or Japan, all of which are currently grappling with heightened military tensions involving North Korea.

Pyongyang issued the warning in response to an alleged comment from a US Space Command official hinting at potential military action against North Korea’s reconnaissance satellite. The statement emphasized that the satellite is designed for reconnaissance purposes and should not be considered a space weapon under international law.

In the aftermath of North Korea’s satellite launch, South Korea responded by deploying its own spy satellite into orbit with the assistance of SpaceX. Meanwhile, Japan and South Korea criticized the November launch, labeling it a “clear violation” of a UN Security Council resolution prohibiting the use of ballistic missile technology.

Taking a retaliatory stance, North Korea warned that if its reconnaissance satellite is perceived as a “military threat” warranting elimination, the United States should also destroy the “countless spy satellites” continuously monitoring the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s strategic locations in the Korean peninsula.

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