Netanyahu Affirms Israel’s Independence in Military Decisions Amid Ongoing Gaza Conflict

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Tel Aviv, Israel: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured the Israeli cabinet that the country’s military decisions are not influenced by external forces, emphasizing Israel’s sovereignty. While expressing gratitude for the continuous support from the US government, Netanyahu denied reports suggesting American pressure on Israel to restrain its actions in the conflict with Hamas.


During a cabinet meeting, Netanyahu updated ministers on a recent phone call with US President Joe Biden, highlighting the steadfast US position in the UN Security Council supporting Israel’s war effort. He clarified that decisions regarding the use of Israeli forces are independent and based on operational considerations.


Addressing recent advancements in Gaza, Netanyahu stated that Israeli forces have successfully eliminated numerous terrorists. He affirmed the commitment to continue the operation until all goals are achieved, including the destruction of Hamas, the return of hostages, and ensuring Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel.

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