Lebanese Christian Hacker Group Targets Beirut Airport with Anti-Iran Messages Beirut

Lebanese hacker group targets Beirut airport with anti-Iran messages: Report

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 Lebanon: The ‘Soldiers of God,’ a Lebanese Christian hacker group, reportedly launched a bold cyberattack on Beirut airport, displaying messages condemning perceived Iranian and Hezbollah involvement in pushing Lebanon into a conflict with Israel, as reported by The Jerusalem Post. The messages, deviating from their usual flight information display, warned Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah against initiating a war with Israel. Despite the group denying involvement on social media, a displayed message at the airport issued a stern warning to Nasrallah, stating, “You will no longer have supporters if you curse Lebanon with a war for which you will bear responsibility and consequences.” The incident follows an alleged Israeli attack on a southern suburb of Beirut, a Hezbollah stronghold, resulting in the death of an individual identified as al-Arouri. The hacker group’s message included a threat of retaliation for the killing, emphasizing that the murder “will certainly not go without reaction and punishment.” Tensions have been escalating in the region, with Hezbollah’s drone attacks into Israel’s northern border communities and reported Israeli airstrikes in southern Lebanon. Despite the developments, Israel has not officially claimed responsibility for the attacks. Amidst geopolitical tensions, cyber warfare has emerged as a prominent tool. In September, both Iran and Hezbollah targeted Israeli websites and compromised private data. Additionally, hackers associated with Iran and Hezbollah recently stole data on IDF patients from Ziv Medical Center. In a reciprocal move, Israeli hacking groups claimed responsibility for targeting Iran’s oil infrastructure systems, The Jerusalem Post reported.

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