Israeli Security Forces Arrest 21 Palestinian Terror Suspects in Overnight Raids

Israeli Security Forces

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Israeli security forces conducted a series of overnight raids across Judea and Samaria, resulting in the arrest of 21 Palestinian terror suspects, as confirmed by the Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday.

In the Jenin refugee camp, where seven Palestinians were apprehended, terrorists engaged Israeli forces with explosives and gunfire, prompting a response from the Israeli side. During the operation, soldiers uncovered a booby-trapped tunnel shaft laden with explosives, underscoring the grave security threats faced by the region.

Further raids in Qalqilya led security forces to a warehouse stocked with a significant quantity of materials used in the manufacturing of explosive charges. Additionally, weapons were confiscated during the operation, and two individuals wanted by authorities were detained.

Illegal weapons were also seized during operations in the villages of Jabal Mawalah and Kafr Bidu, further highlighting the pervasive issue of arms proliferation in certain areas.

Among the arrested individuals were suspects from the Nur al Shams refugee camp near Tulkarem. Despite the intensity of the operations, no casualties were reported among Israeli forces.

The ongoing crackdown on terror suspects in Judea and Samaria has seen significant success since October 7, with over 3,050 individuals apprehended, including 1,350 with affiliations to Hamas, a designated terrorist organization.

The Israeli Defense Forces remain committed to maintaining security and combating terrorism in the region, underscoring the continuous efforts to safeguard civilian populations from threats posed by militant elements.


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