Hezbollah Launches Anti-Tank Missile Attack on Israeli Soldiers, Prompting Cross-Border Escalation

Hezbollah Launches Anti-Tank Missile Attack on Israeli Soldiers

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Tel Aviv: In a recent incident, several Israeli soldiers sustained light injuries from fragments, and a military vehicle was damaged in an anti-tank missile attack launched from Lebanon on Sunday afternoon, according to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for the attack on an army vehicle in the vicinity of Moshav Beit Hillel in Eastern Galilee. The IDF reported detecting multiple launches in the Mount Dov area, some of which hit inside Lebanese territory. In response, Israeli artillery targeted the sources of the missile fire.

Earlier on Sunday, the IDF had shelled several targets in Southern Lebanon in retaliation to anti-tank missile fire. Another missile hit an open area near Kibbutz Yiftah in the Eastern Galilee, causing no injuries, as per the military statement.

The IDF confirmed that terrorists in Lebanon had fired numerous rockets at Israel the previous night, with the Iron Dome aerial defense system not being activated since the projectiles hit open areas, resulting in no injuries or damage. Responding to this, the IDF shelled the launch area and conducted airstrikes on the terrorist cell responsible for the attack.

Later on Saturday, the military announced ongoing strikes on Hezbollah terrorist assets in Lebanon. Despite a relatively quiet northern border during the week-long ceasefire that ended on Friday, Israel has faced multiple daily attacks from Hezbollah terrorists throughout the conflict with Hamas in Gaza. The situation remains tense, with both sides engaging in cross-border actions.

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