China Unveils Plan to Integrate Fujian and Taiwan

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Beijing: China has unveiled a plan to integrate the coastal province of Fujian with self-governing Taiwan, in a move that is seen as an attempt to strengthen its ties with the island and eventually lead to unification.

The plan, which was released by the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee and the State Council on Tuesday, calls for a number of measures to improve economic and social cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan. These include:

  • Accelerating infrastructure cooperation, such as building a bridge between Xiamen and Kinmen.
  • Promoting industrial cooperation, such as encouraging Taiwanese companies to invest in Fujian.
  • Facilitating the flow of people and goods between the two sides, such as allowing Taiwanese residents to live and work in Fujian without restrictions.

The plan also gives special attention to Taiwan’s outlying islands of Kinmen and Matsu, which have historically had strong ties with the mainland due to their proximity to Fujian. Beijing has pledged to treat residents of these islands equally to those of Fujian.

The integration plan has been met with mixed reactions in Taiwan. Some people support the plan, arguing that it would boost the island’s economy and create more opportunities for Taiwanese businesses. Others oppose the plan, arguing that it is a step towards Chinese annexation of Taiwan.

The plan is also likely to be met with concern from the United States and other countries, who have long supported Taiwan’s independence. The United States has warned China against using force to take control of Taiwan, and has pledged to help the island defend itself.

The integration plan is a significant development in the long-running cross-strait dispute. It remains to be seen how the plan will be implemented and whether it will succeed in its goal of unifying Taiwan with the mainland.

Here are some additional details that you can add to the article:

  • The plan is part of China’s broader strategy to assert its dominance in the region.
  • The plan is also seen as a response to the growing military power of Taiwan.
  • The plan has been criticized by some Taiwanese politicians, who say it is an attempt to coerce Taiwan into unification.
  • The plan is likely to further strain relations between China and the United States.

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