Stop 4,500 families from becoming homeless in Haldwani: Congress

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Haldwani: The families in Haldwani town, Nainital district, who have been issued eviction notices by the railroad officials, have received backing from the Uttarakhand Congress. The All India Congress Committee (AICC) secretary, Qazi Nizamuddin, requested on Monday that the Uttarakhand government assist these people on a humanitarian basis and take up their case in the Supreme Court. Nizamuddin stated that 4,500 families are in danger of losing their homes while speaking with the media at the Uttarakhand Congress headquarters. He asserted that because these families have lived there for the past 70 years, their eviction is not appropriate.

According to the Congress leader, it is not justified to evict these families from the neighbourhood because it has public schools, a public health centre, houses of worship, and other government institutions. He asserted that the individuals living there don’t appear to be encroachers because the State government had sold off the “enemy property” in the area and transferred it to residents. Nizamuddin urged the State government to designate the area as a slum in order to allow for their rehabilitation in the event that they are forcibly removed. The Uttarakhand High Court has ordered the authorities to remove illegal encroachments from a 2.2-kilometre-long section of property owned by Indian Railways in Haldwani, hence it is necessary to highlight this.

The local MLA for the Congress party, Sumit Hridayesh, has come up in favour of the protesting citizens and has petitioned the Supreme Court. Nizamuddin expressed his confidence that the SC would rule in the afflicted families’ favour. Yaqoob Siddiqui, the state general secretary, Mathura Dutt Joshi, the organization’s vice president, Garima Dasauni, and others were present.

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