Next 25 years crucial for India: Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar

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The next 25 years are going to be crucial for the country said Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar on Wednesday as he delivered the second Dr Rajendra Prasad Memorial Lecture on the occasion of the 69th Founders’ day of Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA).

VP Jagdeep Dhankar said, “The next 25 years are going to be crucial for the country. They are going to be crucial because of the last 9 years. In the last 9 years, we’ve laid a foundation through a series of affirmative steps.”

Adding to his lecture, he said, “When the country celebrates the centenary of its independence in 2047, we have to be number 1 in the world.”

Dhankar said that the civil servants who are joining today will be the “Warriors of 2047”.

The Vice President in his address also emphasised the concept of “Constitutional Governance”.

“Constitutional Governance is about achieving the dynamic equilibrium in the healthy interplay among the three organs of the state. Governance is a dynamic concept and Public administrators have to remain in tune with the changing expectations and requirements of citizens”, Dhankar said.

The special address was delivered by union minister Dr Jitendra Singh, who is also the National Chairman of IIP.

In his address, Dr Jitendra Singh said that the Union Government is driven by the concept of a “Whole of Government” approach in matters of public administration.

“Soon after Narendra Modi took over as Prime Minister, one of the earliest mantras that he gave us was “Maximum Governance, Minimum Government”, he said.

Dr Singh added, “The Central Government today is almost all online and there is e-based functioning with very little human interface. All government services are online and there is a vibrant CPGRAMS portal.”

“The number of grievances has jumped from 2 lakhs in 2014 to 20 lakhs annually and grievance redressal has crossed 1 lakh per month,” he said.

Towards the end of the lecture, Dr Jitendra Singh said PM Modi has for the first time involved the citizens as instruments of governance.

The first Dr Rajendra Prasad Annual International Memorial Lecture on the occasion of the 68th Founders’ Day of IIPA was delivered by the then Vice President, Venkaiah Naidu on March 29, 2022.

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