Nainital is decorated for the New Year festivities

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Nanital: Contrary to the last couple of years, when Covid-19 disrupted travel plans, Nainital is decorated for the New Year celebrations this year, with a sizable number of visitors anticipated. Numerous hotels have already created a variety of packages and organized dancing and music events for New Year’s Eve. Additionally, colorful illuminations have been placed along Mall Road to mark the occasion.

Every year, a sizable number of visitors come to Nainital specifically to celebrate the New Year. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, there were very few visitors in the previous two years, but this year things are different. The hotels and other hospitality companies have also made various preparations for the celebrations to usher in the new year as tourists have already begun to arrive here. The hotels in this area have reserved musical acts for their planned New Year’s Eve events from major cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The hotels in this area provide packages that include unique children’s entertainment options and couple of dance competitions. Additionally, a variety of events have been arranged just for senior travelers.

The famous three days and two nights package in the hotels also contains an exciting menu of many scrumptious dishes. The hotel crew has begun to decorate the premises using various themes. To add interest and entertainment to their programs, several hotels have also added local food and folk music. The Mall Road has also been enhanced at the same time with vibrant lighting. Sources in the local hospitality industry claim that well-known hotels have so far recorded a 70% advance booking rate.

In well-known hotels, the three-day packages cost somewhere between Rs 15,000 and Rs 50,000. Digvijay Singh Bisht, the head of the Nainital Hotel and Restaurant Organisation, said that plans had been made for the association to continue hosting events. According to him, light strings have been strung up throughout the city, and musical arrangements have also been devised.

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