JP Nadda to host dinner for OBC MPs on March 28 in Delhi

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Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National President JP Nadda will host a dinner for all the Other Backward Classes (OBC) Morcha MPs of the party on March 28, a party source said.
The dinner will be held at 8 pm at Delhi’s Western Court Annexe.
The party source said, “JP Nadda will host a dinner for all the OBC Morcha MPs on March 28 in Delhi. It will be a dinner meeting with the MPs. These MPs will give tips to work in their area, especially for the community.”
“The main focus of the party is Lok Sabha Election 2024. We have already been told to organise an outreach program for the community and take all the schemes and policies of the central government to the OBC beneficiaries,” the source added.
The source further said, “If we talk about Karnataka, we are at pace and organising many events and gatherings among the OBC community.”
BJP OBC morcha is already engaged in connecting with the community through various ongoing programs.
There are many central government schemes for the OBC community which the party is seeing as an advantage in the upcoming Lok Sabha election 2024.
Before 2014, India was associated with wrong attributes, but today Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed the political culture of the country, BJP national president JP Nadda said on Sunday.
JP Nadda was addressing the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) National Youth Parliament in Tamil Nadu, through video conferencing.
Addressing the event, Nadda said, “Modi Ji has changed India’s political culture. I appeal to the youth to go to every nook and corner of the country and tell everyone about the change PM Modi has brought in the Indian politics”.
“Before 2014, our country was one of the most corrupt, policy paralysis, was walking on knees, these were the attributes given to India. Today, our country has embraced a great transformation. Under PM Modi, India is one of the leading countries giving directions to the world,” he added.
The BJP president said that events like these will increase youth participation in national matters.

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