Forest fire in Tamil Nadu’s Kodaikanal range extinguished

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Dindigul: A forest fire in the Kodaikanal range in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu has been extinguished, a State forest department official said on Thursday.
“A fire broke out in the Kodaikanal forest area on March 15 due to severe heat in which more than 10 hectares of forest area was destroyed. The fire has been doused,” a forest department official said.
The official further stated that the Senpaganur town in the Kodaikanal area was affected mainly by the fire and smoke had started to spread to residential areas.
“Following this, people were unable to leave their homes. The affected areas include rare trees and species besides patta lands” an official said.
“The day before yesterday there was a forest fire in Kodaikanal. After that, the fire burned till yesterday evening. The fire was extinguished last evening. There is no major affected area in the forest” a forest ranger added.
A video of the forest fire was also shared on social media.
Previously a massive forest fire broke out in the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa. The Indian Airforce took up all required initiatives to tackle the blaze and deployed helicopters to dispense water over the affected areas.
Indian Air Force’s Mi-17 helicopter dispensed over 25,000 litres of water over forest fire-affected areas in Goa on March 11, the IAF said.

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