Authors are honoured by Exceller Books for their work in the academic and literary fields

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Exceller Books, a global publishing house, has initiated The International Excellence Award to recognize and appreciate writers from various disciplines. Shelma Sahayam’s book The Land of Ataraxia: Genesis is an exciting read. Shreya Roychoudhury is actively involved in charities; her book Obscured Verses is an exquisite collection of poems. Palak Chauhan’s Poetry Exhibit shows her poetic excellence; she has also published over one hundred and forty articles. Ankita Baisya’s Potful of Memories talks about the challenges women face in today’s world. Subhadarshini Khatua’s collection of psychological thrillers, Black Coffee Double Shot, will leave you wanting more. Pravallika Sai has poured her heart and soul into the tale of an unanswered love: You Ruined Me, My Love. All these wonderful and talented women have been awarded in the category of Female Writers.
Under the category of Male Writers, Exceller Books has awarded seven authors. Ankith S Kumar, through his book A Hundred Ways How Not To Screw Up Your Relationship, helps many people deal with relationship problems. Rohit Verma has done a remarkable job in his book Galatfehmi. Premraj K K’s Maanam Niraye Varnangal, a collection of short stories in Malayalam, is a beautiful read. Vikrant Kelkar’s Milk Memories is a collection of an Enfant Terrible. The Science of Emotion and Stress is a worthwhile read, written by Dr. Mangesh Madhukarrao Kalore. Anuj Lal’s Never Over the Edge is famous for its thrill. Dibya-kollorob, a person of many talents, has expressed himself in his book Ten Tales of Ten Stories.
In the Category of Poets, they awarded Dr. Lora Lipsa, whose friends call her the ‘Queen of Romantic poems’; her book I am Love proves their point. Poopesh Kumar is an award-winning short film director and the writer of Peaches & Creme. Sridevi Soundirarajan is a dancer, yoga teacher, and avid reader who has written Positive Infinity. Sahitya Sikhar Ghosh, an IT consultant, and poet, co-authored the book Silence of the Dearest. Saakal Ulysses Dewan is a retired navy man; his book And Quiet Flows the Teesta & Other Poems deals with various themes such as love, politics, and science. Rajani R R (Rajani Athmaja), a remarkable poet, is expressing herself in Malayalam. Dishari Neogy’s depth of thought is presented in the books Over a Cup of Coffee and Sunflower, Moonlight, The Compass, and many more.
In the Category of Young Adults (Under18), they have awarded Vaibhavi Pandey, who has talked about growing up and breaking down in her book Bronze and Mahogany, and another young artist, Gowtham, the author of Ms. Snapchat User.
Research writing is quite intimidating, and Exceller Books has acknowledged those who have done it with commendable skill and diligence. For example, Dhanashree Deshmukh’s Favouritism As An Issue In The Workplace brings up an important issue of modern times. Chinmay Manish Joshi’s A Correlational Analysis of the Phosphate Solubilising Bacteriathe Growth Rate of Lady Rosetta Potato shows his expertise in the agricultural fields.
It is a known fact that millions of talented authors go unnoticed without getting the spotlight they deserve every year. To change this situation, Exceller Books has awarded all these writers for their overall contribution to the literary and academic field.

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