Bhutan: Experiential travel will turn you into a storyteller

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Bhutan is not your typical location; in fact, it is the one that tourists adore the most. Travelers from all over the world have long been drawn to Bhutan’s tourism destinations, whether it be for its vibrant culture or mystifying mountains. The land of gentle hills and endearing culture always emits an irresistible charm. A great experience is always provided by delightful people, deep forest, enormous mountains, and fine cuisine. Bhutan is a destination where you can encounter and feel its warmth, which will stay with you forever. It arouses a feeling that keeps its obscurity to keep you engrossed. The traditions of Bhutan are apparent, and they are startling.


Bhutan Bhutan


A flight to Paro will be surely the most part of your journey overlooking the enigmatic snowy mountain calling you to explore them. Bhutan is blessed with hilltop monasteries that brings out the peace which you desire to have during your visit. These monasteries are century old and are still strong in terms of construction and solace which is offered. Some of these monasteries are listed in the UNESCO Heritage List and introduces to the long-lasting religion. Bhutan is known for its colourful festivals that have been celebrated since the time of kingdom. These festivals showcase the culture and present the story that is hidden beneath.

Masked people, colourful clothes and music are enough to keep you hooked and create interests. Then there are textiles and handicrafts that showcase the true art of the people here. Bhutan is not only about festivals and monasteries, but also of thrilling mountain activities, river rafting and archery competitions which are the part of Bhutan travel. All these certainly makes Bhutan the Gross National Happiness country giving a different picture altogether. So pack your bags and head to this happy country, to visit the most awaited tourist places in Bhutan.

Capture the best memories and enjoy an enthralling vacation by trying the most amazing things to do in Bhutan. Bhutan, a country that boasts of its vibrant culture, traditional festivities and some breathtaking landscapes is a must visit to explore the hidden bounties of nature in this world.

Tucked beautifully amidst the Himalayas, Bhutan offers a number of things to do from visiting ancient monasteries to climbing the steepest hills to see the impressive fortresses (dzongs). These amazing activities in Bhutan are a great way to escape the mundane life of the cities and see the pristine side of nature and people.

If you are wondering what to do in Bhutan on your getaway, don’t worry as Travel Tribune has curated an exhaustive list of activities for you. It may be a small country but it offers an extravaganza of experiences for all the travellers who are visiting here for the first time. Suiting the interests and preferences of each kind of traveller, there are various offbeat things to do in Bhutan.

For those who are craving for a laid back experience, living in a homestay is most recommended.  History lovers can look forward to visit places like the National Museum, Paro Dzong, National Memorial Chorten etc. Bhutan is a wonderful tourist destination for the adventure seekers as there are a number of pulse racing activities to partake in.

Some of the thrilling activities which you can enjoy in Bhutan are archery, mountain biking, river rafting, kayaking etc. There are also some astounding treks which allows you to explore the breathtaking Himalayan terrains. Some popular treks to enjoy in Bhutan are Druk Path trek, Diet Hot Springs trek, Samtengang winter trek etc.

One can also enjoy an exhilarating wildlife safari at Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary or hike to the Tiger’s Monastery for an unforgettable experience when they are in Bhutan. The varied experiences in Bhutan are sure to offer you memories that will last a lifetime which you can enjoy with the personalised list for things to do in Bhutan by Travel Tribune.


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