“Opari Hawa” Delights Haryanvi Audiences as it Haunts OTT Platform “Stage App”

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BT Bureau, Rohtak: The Haryanvi web series, “Opari Hawa,” has cast its spell on viewers as it makes its chilling debut on the OTT platform, “Stage App.” Directed by the talented Ranjeet Chauhan and starring the remarkable trio of Hariom Kaushik, Anjvi Hooda, Manish Kumar, and Akash Chawaria, this series has already garnered significant attention for its captivating storyline and exceptional production values.

The poster for the Haryanvi web series “Opari Hawa” has been unveiled on social media platforms. Image | Stage App.

“Opari Hawa” takes audiences on a gripping journey into the world of paranormal activities and explores the psychological impact on its central characters. With outstanding direction, cinematography by Vikas Sharma, and sound design by Neeraj Rohilla, this series has been met with resounding applause from local audiences.

The Stage App has recently shared the poster for the Haryanvi web series “Opari Hawa” on its social media handles. Image | Stage App.

What sets “Opari Hawa” apart is its dedicated and highly skilled team. Almost the entire crew behind this spine-tingling production are graduates of Film Studies from Dada Lakhmi Chand State University of Performing and Visual Arts, Rohtak, showcasing the rich talent pool that Haryana has to offer to the world of entertainment.

Film director Ranjeet Chauhan is seen providing instructions to the crew during the shoot. Image: Social Handles

Stage App, known for its commitment to producing high-quality Haryanvi content, continues its mission to bring regional stories to the forefront. “Opari Hawa” is the latest addition to their impressive lineup, and it’s already making waves for its outstanding direction, cinematography, sound design, and acting that have captured the hearts of viewers.

On the set of the “Oprai Hawa” web series, Cinematographer Vikas Sharma, lead Actor Hariom Kaushik, Manish Kumar, and various other crew members engage in a discussion about the upcoming scene while filming. Image: Social Media

Ranjeet Chauhan, the visionary director behind “Opari Hawa,” is renowned for crafting compelling Haryanvi films with a rural backdrop. His previous works, “Malaal” and “Chapper Phad ke,” have been celebrated for their dramatic storytelling. Currently, Chauhan is immersed in his next Haryanvi project in collaboration with Mor Entertainment Company, a prominent regional video and film content company.

Actress Anjavi Hooda and Lead Actor Hariom Kaushik during a scene Sequence.

In an exclusive interview with The Bombay Tribune, Director Ranjeet Chauhan shared his thoughts on the success of “Opari Hawa,” stating, “We put our heart and soul into making ‘Opari Hawa’ a memorable series, and now that the audience is appreciating it, I couldn’t be happier.”

Actor Abhimanyu Yadav and Akash Chawaria with Hariom Kaushik during a scene shoot.

Actor Hariom Kaushik, who plays the lead character, expressed his excitement, adding, “Being part of ‘Opari Hawa’ has been an incredible experience, and I’m thrilled to see the positive response from our viewers.”

Actress Anjavi Hooda with Director Ranjeet Chauhan during the shooting of a scene.

Anjavi Hooda, celebrated for her versatility, has captivated audiences with her exceptional acting in both films and Web Series, earning widespread admiration for her work.

OTT Platform Stage app Image | Logo

About Stage App: Stage App is a regional OTT platform dedicated to showcasing Haryanvi content, bringing authentic stories to a global audience. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Stage App is a go-to destination for lovers of regional entertainment.

Film Director Ranjeet Chauhan

About Ranjeet Chauhan: Ranjeet Chauhan is a renowned Haryanvi film director known for his impactful storytelling and portrayal of rural life in Haryana. His work has received critical acclaim and resonated with audiences, making him a respected figure in the regional film industry.

Actor Hariom Kaushik

About Hariom Kaushik: Hariom Kaushik is a talented actor known for his versatile performances. His portrayal of the lead character in “Opari Hawa” has been praised for its depth and authenticity, showcasing his remarkable acting prowess.

Actor Manish Kumar During a Award Show
Cinematographer Vikas Sharma
Sound Designer and Mixing Engineer Neeraj Rohilla

“Opari Hawa” is now streaming exclusively on Stage App, inviting viewers to embark on a thrilling journey into the unknown. With its talented cast and crew, this Haryanvi web series promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.


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