Election Commission Issues Notice to Rahul Gandhi for Derogatory Remarks Against PM Modi

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New Delhi: In a significant development, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has issued a show cause notice to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi regarding his controversial comments on Prime Minister Modi during an election rally. The notice stems from a complaint filed by the BJP on November 22, accusing Gandhi of using derogatory language.

The BJP’s complaint alleges that on November 22, 2023, during a public meeting in Bayatu, District Barmer, Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi made disparaging remarks about the Prime Minister. The ECI, in its letter to Gandhi, highlighted the gravity of comparing the PM to a “Jaibkatra” (pickpocket) and using the term “Pannauti,” deeming it unbecoming of a senior leader. The complaint also challenges the claim of a Rs. 14,00,000 crore waiver over the past nine years.

The ECI cites potential violations of Section 123 (4) of the R.P. Act, Section 171G, 504, 505 (2), and 499 of the IPC, along with provisions of the Model Code of Conduct. Rahul Gandhi has been given until November 25 to provide an explanation for his statements.

Earlier, at a rally in Barmer, Gandhi attributed India’s World Cup final loss to Prime Minister Modi’s presence in the stadium, referring to him as “Panauti.” The ECI’s notice demands an explanation and warns of potential actions if a reply is not received by the specified date.

The BJP, in its complaint, urged the ECI to take appropriate action against Rahul Gandhi, expressing concern that such behavior could negatively impact the electoral environment. The party emphasized the need to curb the use of offensive language and false news to maintain a respectful political discourse.

This notice adds a new dimension to the ongoing political discourse, as electoral bodies strive to ensure fair play and decorum in the lead-up to elections.

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