NCPCR Issues Revised Guidelines to Prevent Incidents of Children Falling into Abandoned Bore Wells

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Title: NCPCR Issues Revised Guidelines to Prevent Incidents of Children Falling into Abandoned Bore Wells


New Delhi, December 8: Addressing the alarming rise in cases of children falling into abandoned bore wells, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has reissued comprehensive guidelines on the abandonment of bore wells and drilled wells, emphasizing safety norms. On Friday, NCPCR Chairperson Priyank Kanungo stressed the importance of these guidelines for the safety and security of minor children.


In response to the increasing incidents, Kanungo stated, “The Commission advises all states and UT’s to adopt the ‘Borewell Robot Rescue System,’ a technique endorsed by the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in their Standard Operating Procedure on Borewell Incident Response. States are strongly recommended to procure the Borewell Robot Rescue System and provide training for concerned officials.”


Key Guidelines for Abandonment of Bore Wells and Drilled Wells:


1. **Prior Notification:** Landowners must inform authorities 15 days in advance before constructing bore wells or tube wells.

2. **Mandatory Registration:** All drilling agencies, whether government or private, must be registered with district administrations or statutory authorities.

3. **Signboard Requirements:** Erect a signboard during construction with details of the drilling agency and well owner’s complete address.

4. **Safety Barriers:** Install barbed wire fencing or suitable barriers around the well during construction.

5. **Concrete Platform:** Construct a cement or concrete platform around the well casing for added safety.

6. **Well Capping:** Ensure proper capping of well assembly with welded steel plates or strong caps fixed with bolts and nuts.

7. **Uncovered Wells during Pump Repair:** Avoid leaving tube wells uncovered during pump repair.

8. **Mud Pit Filling:** Fill mud pits and channels after completion of works.

9. **Abandoned Well Filling:** Abandoned bore wells should be filled with clay, sand, boulders, pebble drill cuttings, etc., from bottom to ground level.

10. **Restoration of Ground Conditions:** After drilling operations, restore ground conditions to pre-drilling status.

11. **District Collector Oversight:** Empower the district collector to verify and monitor adherence to guidelines by relevant state and central government agencies.


The NCPCR urges proactive measures to prevent tragic incidents and underscores the critical role of adherence to safety protocols outlined in these guidelines.

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