Leopard Sighted in Delhi’s Sainik Farm Area: Residents Urged to Stay Indoors

Leopard Sighted in Delhi's Sainik Farm Area Residents Urged to Stay Indoors

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New Delhi: Authorities have issued a warning to residents in South Delhi’s Sainik Farm area to remain indoors following the sighting of a leopard earlier today.

According to a local resident who spoke to ANI, the leopard was spotted around 8 a.m. The police, upon receiving the information, promptly advised residents to stay indoors to ensure their safety.

“I saw the leopard around 8 a.m. There was a crowd, so the leopard was running everywhere out of fear. It was at a distance of 20 feet from me. When we tried to catch him, he ran away towards the police station, then again came to the jungle. The forest department team has been here since morning. The leopard attacked an old man, and he sustained minor injuries to his head,” shared a resident.

Forest officials are actively working to trap the leopard. Bhati Wildlife Sanctuary Officer Subodh Kumar mentioned, “We received a complaint stating that a leopard has been spotted here at night. A video was also shared by the police station. We have made arrangements to trap the leopard.”

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