AIIMS Delhi’s Engineering Yard Revolution

AIIMS Delhi's Engineering Yard Revolution

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In a groundbreaking move to mitigate inconvenience to patients and staff, AIIMS Delhi, under the visionary leadership of Director Dr. M Srinivas, has unveiled a comprehensive plan to combat noise and dust pollution resulting from repair and renovation activities within the hospital premises. The director issued an official memorandum outlining innovative measures, with the establishment of an Engineering Yard at the forefront, dedicated solely to construction work.

**The Engineering Yard Initiative**

Recognizing the disruptive impact of construction activities such as marble cutting, wood cutting, and grinding, the Engineering Yard will emerge as a centralized hub for these processes. Set to be operational by July 31, 2023, this facility will witness all repair and renovation work conducted within its confines. The materials will then be transported to the construction site in a knockdown state for final assembly and installation.

**Addressing Pollution Concerns**

The primary goal is to curtail noise and dust pollution significantly. To achieve this, AIIMS Delhi is committed to the timely completion of repair and renovation projects, ensuring that they wrap up within 15 days. This proactive approach aims to enhance the overall patient experience by minimizing disruptions caused by construction activities.

**Welfare of Construction Workers and Laborers**

AIIMS Delhi is not only focused on environmental concerns but is equally dedicated to ensuring the welfare of the construction workers and laborers involved in these projects. The Engineering Yard will be constructed as an all-weather facility with proper ventilation, equipped with basic amenities like drinking water and toilet facilities. Regular maintenance, provision of water and electricity, and adherence to safety protocols are integral aspects of this initiative.

**Efficiency Through Technology**

In line with the commitment to timely project completion, engineering contracts will specify the minimum number of workers required for each project. Moreover, contractors are encouraged to embrace modern tools, technology, and methods to expedite the construction process while simultaneously minimizing dust and noise pollution. This forward-thinking approach aligns with AIIMS Delhi’s mission to provide high-quality healthcare services in a conducive environment.

**All-Weather Engineering Yard with Basic Amenities**

The Engineering Yard is not just a utilitarian space; it’s designed to prioritize the well-being of all involved. Constructed as an all-weather facility, it ensures that construction activities can continue unhindered irrespective of weather conditions. Basic amenities like drinking water and proper toilet facilities will be readily available, promoting a healthier and more comfortable work environment for the construction workforce.

**Proactive Maintenance and Infrastructure Support**

The engineering department will take charge of regular maintenance of the Engineering Yard, ensuring that it remains a well-functioning and organized space. Additionally, provisions for water and electricity will be in place to facilitate construction activities seamlessly. This commitment to infrastructure support underlines AIIMS Delhi’s dedication to efficient and sustainable construction practices.

**Strategic Implementation for Timely Completion**

To meet the ambitious 15-day completion timeline for each repair and renovation project, strict guidelines have been set for contractors. Engineering contracts will outline the minimum workforce required for optimal efficiency. Furthermore, the emphasis on modern tools, technology, and methods is intended to expedite the construction process, minimizing disruptions caused by dust and noise pollution.

**Mandatory Safety Protocols**

The director’s memorandum underscores the paramount importance of safety. Strict adherence to safety protocols, including cordoning off the engineering site, is mandatory. These measures are not only for the protection of staff and the public but also prioritize the safety of the construction workers. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of the construction process aligns with the highest standards of safety and security.


With these groundbreaking initiatives, AIIMS Delhi is set to revolutionize construction practices within its premises. The establishment of the Engineering Yard, coupled with a focus on timely project completion, welfare of construction workers, and adherence to safety protocols, reflects the institute’s unwavering commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services in a clean, comfortable, and minimally disruptive environment. AIIMS Delhi’s proactive measures serve as a benchmark for institutions seeking to harmonize construction activities with patient well-being and environmental sustainability.

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