Elephant Encounter on Malaysian Highway: Collision Spurs Herd’s Reaction


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Malaysia: In a dramatic incident on the East-West Highway in Malaysia, a family’s car collided with a young elephant calf, leading to a retaliatory trampling by a herd of six wild elephants. The 48-year-old driver, accompanied by his wife and 23-year-old son, was traveling from Penang to Terengganu when the collision occurred around 7:35 pm in drizzling and foggy conditions.


Chief Superintendent Zulkifli Mahmood of Gerik District Police explained that the car struck the young elephant, prompting the other five to rush towards it and trample the vehicle. Fortunately, there were no reported deaths or serious injuries among the family members. The car sustained extensive damage, with its front and sides severely impacted.


The incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by wildlife in areas intersecting with human infrastructure. Conservationists attribute such encounters to the loss of forest cover for wild elephants, driven by Malaysia’s rapid highway development, forcing the animals to venture onto roads in search of food.


Despite cautionary advisories from authorities urging increased vigilance on highways frequented by elephant herds, such accidents have occurred in the past. The article emphasizes the need for continued efforts to address the coexistence of wildlife and human development, with a focus on conservation measures and sustainable infrastructure planning.

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