What is the Agneepath initiative, which is currently causing controversy?

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Akansha Saini, New Delhi: The central government has disclosed the proposal, and it has sparked outrage across the country. After watching all of these changes, you may wonder what Agneepath Yojana is. Why is there such a strong reaction to it that it is being set on fire? Will the recruitment for the Agneepath project be halted? What will happen to those candidates who have benefited from this programme over the past four years? We will have the answers to all of these questions.

Indian Army Jawans | Image: File
Indian Army Jawans | Image: File

What is Agneepath Yojana, exactly?

Firefighters between the ages of 17.5 and 21 will be employed by the Indian Army. Their training will also take place over a four-year period. It will be included in the package.

All of them will receive military training in four years.

Only 25% of the youth in the unit will be conscripted into the army after that.

46,000 young people will be hired as firefighters in the first year.

These firefighters will be paid a monthly pay of 30 to 40 thousand rupees. Every year, your salary will rise to some amount. They will receive Rs 11.71 lakh from the service fund at the end of their term, which would be tax-free.Recruiters will have to meet the required medical qualifications.

Indian Army Jawans | Image: File

As a result, the following questions arise:

What will the remaining 75% of youngsters do if just 25% of firefighters are recruited after 25 years?

Do students prepare for a four-year career?

Will there be regular army recruitment if the Agneepath Yojana is implemented?

What will happen to students who are denied admission despite passing the physical, medical, and writing exams?

Those over the age of 17.5 will not be eligible for this scheme, so what do they want to do instead?

The kids will be taken under the Agneepath Yojana when they are between the ages of 17 and 21, which is a key stage in their schooling.

The Union Home Ministry addressed this on Twitter, saying that firefighters who have served for four years will be given precedence in Assam Rifles recruitment rather than CAPF (Central Armed Police Force). Yet, it is said that this will be given priority; however, no specific assurance or planning method has been provided. Another point to consider is army recruitment.

The central government has not stated whether or not regular army recruitment will continue as a result of the Agnipath scheme. As a result, the army has several regiments such as the Assam Rifles, Mahar Regiment, and Maratha Light Infantry, which are famed for their history.These are still open questions.

All of this was discussed with Dattatraya Shekatkar, a retired army general.

Indian Army Jawan | Image: File
Indian Army Jawan | Image: File

What did retired army officer Dattatraya Shekatkar say?

The Agneepath programme will have little effect on military recruitment. There will be no impact on military recruiting as a result of the proposal. The army will continue to recruit. The only difference is that those who came for life will stay for four years, but it will have no effect. Will this strategy add to the history of regiments like the Mahar Regiment and the Maratha Light Infantry? When Dattatraya Shekatkar was asked the same question, he said that the regiment would stay unaffected. New recruits in this regiment will receive similar training to that of this regiment.

They will have to go to this centre when they are released in four years. As a result, he will be known as Agnivir of the unit to which he is assigned. There will also be a record of people who leave after four years. In India, there are between 25 and 26 training centres.

Indian Army Jawans | Image: File
Indian Army Jawans | Image: File

What is the significance of the Agneepath Yojana?

There are 9,362 officers and 1 lakh 13,193 soldiers missing from the Indian Army. Every year, between 60,000 and 65,000 officers leave the force. The government faces a significant financial burden as a result of the implementation of the One Rank-One Pension Scheme. It consumes around a third of the defence budget. The new strategy focuses on filling vacancies while lessening the budgetary load.Recruitment of one thousand personnel under this scheme is estimated to save thousands of crores. It can be used to modernize the military.

Devendra Fadnavis, what has he said about this scheme?

The Agneepath proposal has received very little opposition. Those who have protested have done so because they have been misled. He believed that conventional recruiting would be discontinued, and that only the Agneepath method would be used for recruitment. Agneepath, on the other hand, is a stand-alone strategy. Devendra Fadnavis has provided such an explanation.

‘They will be eligible to undergo military education for four years under the Agneepath system. This is something that soldiers will be able to perform. This is something that children under the age of 21 wish to do. They will receive a large number of remunerators.Lampsum Amount will also be available after 4 years. Those who are willing to join the army will also get priority in the army. Saying this, Devendra Fadnavis has tried to prove how right this plan of Modi government is.

Union Minister VK Singh, what has he said about this scheme?

Union Minister VK Singh responded to the nationwide protests against the Agneepath programme by saying that whomever can prove it after four years will be given a chance. Agniveers have also been mentioned as a candidate for state government offices. The government will provide you with a business loan. At the conclusion of the service, a lump sum payment will be made. This is what passion is all about. Those who speak of working for one’s entire life assert that they will be able to do so for 100 years. People believe that young people under the age of 21 will not mature. Now you’re probably wondering who is steering the youth down the wrong path.



The Protest 

Agnipath Protests: Bihar Erupts In Agnipath Scheme Fire: Youth Set Fire To Train


Agnipath Protests: Announcement has been made to bring Agnipath scheme for army recruitment. The youth and students of Bihar are continuously opposing this scheme. On Thursday, youths staged violent and violent protests in various districts of Bihar. In some places, trains were set on fire, while in some districts the national highway was blocked.

There is strong opposition to the Agnipath scheme in the whole of Bihar. Youth and students are protesting violently by taking to the streets. Violent demonstrations are being conducted from Buxar to Munger and from Saharsa to Nawada. Indian Railways is the target of furious protesters. Incidents of setting fire to passenger trains have been reported at many places. Students and youth are protesting furiously on railway tracks and on the national highway.

Train services have been badly affected. At the same time, demonstrations have also been held on the National Highway in some districts, due to which the traffic system has collapsed. Let us inform that it has been announced to launch the Agnipath scheme for recruitment in the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy. Under this scheme, the willing youth will be recruited in the armed forces for 4 years.

Agitating students and youth have been demonstrating violently since morning. In places like Saharsa, Chapra, Gopalganj, Ara, Buxar, Siwan, protesters are demonstrating on railway tracks and on the road. The operation of trains has come to a standstill in these places. Trains were even set on fire at some places. Initially, the protesting students and youth started protesting against the Agnipath scheme by getting down on the tracks.

Soon the Agnipath protests turned violent and the bogies of the passenger train were set on fire.
Due to this there was an atmosphere of panic on the spot. Furious youths blocked the Siswan Dhala railway track near Siwan Junction. At the same time, the passenger train was stopped at Sidhawalia station in Gopalganj. There was a fierce demonstration by arson.

Train Caught Fire in Ara-Chapra During Agnipath Protests

The main target of the youth opposing the Agnipath scheme was the Indian Railways. The furious protesters caused extensive damage to passenger trains in Chhapra. Along with the sabotage, the passenger train was set on fire.

Public properties were also damaged on the platform. Due to the protest on the railway track, the operation of trains also came to a standstill. Due to this, the passengers are facing a lot of difficulties. At the same time, there is a fierce demonstration in Ara falling on the Delhi-Howrah railway route.

A crowd of youths reached the railway station and vandalized it. There is also information about setting fire to the train. The platform has also been vandalized. Later, the security forces drove everyone away from there.

Train Service Disrupted

Students protested furiously in Bihar regarding Agneepath recruitment scheme. The students vandalized the platform on a large scale. The chairs on the platform were uprooted and thrown. In Saharsa too, the protests of the furious youth are continuing. Since morning, a crowd of furious students has been protesting by taking to the road.

Furious students completely disrupted the Saharsa-Mansi railway line near Saharsa railway station. Due to this, other passenger trains including Saharsa-New Delhi Vaishali Superfast Express, Saharsa-Patna Rajyarani, originating from Saharsa are standing at the station itself. The operation of other trains has also been disrupted.

Agnipath Protests NH Also Blocked

The anger of the youth against the Agnipath scheme did not only land on the railways, but the road was also blocked at many places. The agitating students are continuously protesting in Nawada. Furious youth have blocked the Patna-Ranchi National Highway No. 31 near Sadbhavna Chowk. Traffic has been badly affected due to the arson on the NH. At the same time, NH-80 was also blocked in Munger. Traffic has been badly affected due to the violent demonstration of the protesters.


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