Video of UP nurse grabbing woman patient by hair, pinning her down goes viral

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Lucknow: A nurse reportedly pulled a woman’s hair and pinned her down on the bed at a district hospital in Uttar Pradesh after she allegedly grew angry. A video of the incident went viral on social media. However, hospital officials defended the nurse’s actions, arguing that the patient was not mistreated.

The video footage depicts a ruckus inside Sitapur District Hospital’s female ward. A female nurse is seen snatching a woman’s hair and forcing her towards an empty bed. The nurse then forces the woman onto the bed and pins her down, with aid from a man standing on the other side of the bed.

In response to the viral video footage, Sitapur’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr RK Singh, stated that the woman patient was hospitalised on October 18. The following night, after her family members had left the hospital, the woman went near the washroom between 12 and 1 a.m. and began acting violently. She began ripping her garments and shattering her bracelets. This caused terror among the other female patients on the ward, and medical personnel were forced to intervene to restrain her,” Dr. Singh asserted.

The nurse on duty at the ward called the police, and nurses from other wards came in to assist, he explained. Dr Singh denied any allegations of misbehaviour or ill-treatment by the nurse, adding that the woman patient had to be held and pinned to the bed before an injection could be provided. She only calmed down after that and was subsequently discharged from the hospital when her family members came, he added.

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