Twitter is most interesting platform on Internet: Musk

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New Delhi: As soon as taking over the command of Twitter, its owner, richest man in the world, Elon Musk, has announced to bring many changes to the social media giant. Musk has now said that Twitter is the most interesting platform on the Internet. Earlier, Musk had talked about making changes on Twitter, including $8 per month for blue ticks and special tags for politicians and special personalities.

Musk tweeted on Thursday that Twitter is the most interesting site on the Internet. Earlier, he had tweeted saying that simultaneous attack from both the right and left sides is a good sign.

On October 27, Musk completed a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter.

Musk announced on Wednesday that users will have to pay $8 per month for a ‘blue tick’ badge issued after verification on Twitter, which has sparked outrage from its users. Musk had said that the company would be able to reward the creators of the content on the platform by paying monthly fees collected from users through blue ticks.

It is noteworthy that as soon as Elon Musk took over the command of Twitter, its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Parag Agarwal and top officials including CFO were shown the way out. Musk is now preparing to show the way out to more than 3,000 employees of Twitter Inc.

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