Train from Pakistan: Veteran recalls Partition horrors, travelling with bodies; finding money on corpses

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Noida: He was six years old when his family moved from Peshawar to India after Partition in 1947. They travelled for almost three days in a train with dead bodies, witnessing bloodshed and massacre across the new border that was created between India and the new-formed Pakistan.

Now in 2023, Peshawari Lal Bhatia, who retired from the Indian army as a colonel and lives in Noida, recalls the horrors of the Partition and how he became a refugee seven decades ago in his own country.

Bhatia was felicitated during the ‘Vibhajan Vibhishika Smriti Diwas’ by Uttar Pradesh PWD minister Brijesh Singh and Noida MLA Pankaj Singh on the eve of the 77th Independence Day here.

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