Tiger killed fisherman in Sundarbans

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South 24 Parganas:  A fisherman was killed in the Vidya river while he was onboard in a boat on Saturday.

As per local sources, a drift of seven fishermen from Kantamari area of Deulbari Devipur area of Kultali had set out in two boats to catch fish and crabs in the river and gulfs of Sundarbans. On Saturday morning at around six o” clock in the morning, a fisherman named Dilip Sardar was washing his face while sitting on a boat in the Vidya river. Then suddenly a tiger from the mangrove forest jumped onto the boat and grabbed Sardar”s neck and jumped into the river. Immediately five companions of fisherman Dilip Sardar, Raghunath Sardar, Vipul Sardar, Shyamal Mandal, Manvendra Haldar and Hriday Sardar jumped into the river. By then the tiger had swam to the river bank with Dilip Sardar. After that the fishermen started fighting with the tiger to save Dilip Sardar. At last the tiger gave up and fled into the jungle leaving Dilip Sardar. The injured Dilip Sardar died in a short while due to profuse bleeding and severe head injury. The mourning fishermen returned home in Katmari village of Deulbari Devipur area with the dead body of Dilip Sardar.

Notably, a fisherman was killed on October 25 at Chilamari Khal in the Pirkhali forest

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