Since 2019, CRPF personnel plant about 75,000 saplings in Varanasi

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Varanasi: Since the drive’s inception in 2019, Central Reserve Police Force personnel assigned to the security of the Kashi Vishwanath temple and Gyanvapi mosque here have planted around 75,000 saplings in an endeavour to create a greener tomorrow. According to Anil Kumar Briksh, Commandant of the CRPF’s 95th Battalion, the jawans planted the saplings in parks, monasteries, and educational institutions in partnership with social organisations and government departments. He stated that over 75,000 saplings have been planted in the district so far, and that CRPF troops also took an oath to safeguard the environment.

It is critical to educate the country’s youth and children about environmental conservation. We must instil the habit of environmental protection in the youngsters of the country; only then will future generations realise their duties,” added the officer. He emphasised the need of protecting saplings in addition to planting them. It is our goal to save at least 50% of the saplings that are planted, he stated. According to the officer, after planting the saplings, people and children take an oath to protect the plants. We’ve also developed a monitoring team, whose members look after the plants and plant fresh saplings in lieu of the deceased plants, he explained.

The official went on to say that in 2019, the CRPF planted 10,000 saplings in Varanasi in partnership with the Srijan Social Development Trust, the Pollution Control Board, and the Forest Department. Teak, mango, guava, amla, hibiscus, Arjun tree, neem, and jamun saplings were planted. 20,000 saplings of the Ashoka tree, hibiscus, jamun, guava, amla, and mango were planted in 2020. He stated that 22,000 peepal, banyan, amla, mango, guava, Ashoka tree, hibiscus, Arjun tree, neem, and jamun saplings were planted in 2021.

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