Ramdevbaba : “Women look good even if they don’t wear saree, dress or anything”

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Yogaguru Ramdev Baba has made a controversial statement about women. Patanjali women’s meeting was organized in Thane. Amrita Fadnavis was also present in this event. While praising Amrita Fadnavis, Ramdev Baba made a controversial statement. His video has gone viral on social media.

What has Ramdev Baba said?

Yoga dress for women has been introduced. Amrita Fadnavis also came to the Patanjali Women’s Conference. On this occasion, he praised Amrita Fadnavis. Amrita Fadnavis is always happy. They have a smile on their faces like children. I want to see such a smile on every woman’s face. Henceforth he said women look good in sarees. Ramdev Baba has said that they look good even in salwar suits and in my eyes, they look good even if they are not wearing anything.

Amrita Fadnavis will not be 100 years old

Ramdev Baba praised Amrita Fadnavis a lot in this program. Amrita Fadnavis is so keen to stay young that I think she won’t be 100 years old. They consume a lot of food and stay happy forever. He always has a childlike smile on his face. Saying this, Ramdev Baba has praised Amrita Fadnavis.

What happened in the program?

Women had brought dresses for yoga and then Mahasamela was organized for women. Women had brought sarees for this convention. But in the morning, a yoga science camp was held, after which yoga training activities were conducted for women, and immediately the general meeting for women was started. So women did not get time to wear sarees. Amrita Fadnavis had come in the same program. Ramdev Baba made a controversial statement while Amrita Fadnavis was sitting on the stage.





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