PWD-tanker operator nexus creating artificial water scarcity: Rane

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PWD Minister refutes allegations and attributes water scarcity to increase in consumption

PANJIM: Health Minister Vishwajit Rane on Monday alleged that nexus between water tanker operators and PWD engineers is responsible for creating artificial scarcity of water in various parts of the State while PWD Minister Nilesh Cabral strongly refuted the charge stating that it could be due to increase in water consumption.

Suspecting that mischief is also played by the PWD workers incharge of maintaining pipeline valves,  Rane said, “I don’t think there is shortage of water in the State. Water is available, but the PWD workers operating the water supply pipeline valves in certain areas are deliberately not fully opening it thereby creating scarcity of water in certain parts.”

Alleging that there is a nexus between the PWD engineers and the water tankers lobby, Rane said that he will talk to PWD Minister Nilesh Cabral in this regard. He also warned that he will not tolerate any nexus between the PWD engineers and the PWD tanker operators creating artificial water shortage.

When contacted, Cabral said, “I don’t know what Vishwajit has said. My department has no links with any mafia. Water shortage is there in that area and it’s because the consumption has increased. We are on the job and we will ensure that the required supply of water is maintained.”

Cabral said that many times due to various reasons such as power fluctuations affecting the water supply. Nobody can stop water supply at pumping stations across the State because it is now monitored online.

Denying any nexus between the PWD and the water tanker operators, Cabral said, “He (Rane) may be upset (because of shortage of water in his areas). PWD is trying to find solutions to provide regular water supply to consumers. Also the shortage in certain areas could be due to increase in consumption of water,” he added.


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