Prime Minister Shares Soulful Rendition of Devotional Bhajan “Sabne Tumhein Pukara Shree Ram Ji” by Hariharan

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New Delhi: In a heartwarming gesture, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken to social media to share the devotional bhajan “Sabne Tumhein Pukara Shree Ram Ji,” a mesmerizing rendition by renowned singer Hariharan with music composed by Uday Majumdar.

Expressing his admiration for the enchanting melody, the Prime Minister shared his thoughts on the spiritual significance of the song, stating, “हरिहरन जी के अद्भुत सुरों से सजा ये राम भजन हर किसी को प्रभु श्री राम की भक्ति में लीन कर देने वाला है। आप भी इस मनोहारी भजन का जरूर आनंद उठाएं। #ShriRamBhajan”

The bhajan, a devotional song dedicated to Lord Rama, is performed with exquisite grace by the maestro Hariharan, known for his soul-stirring renditions that effortlessly blend spirituality with musical excellence. The music, composed by Uday Majumdar, adds a divine touch to the composition, elevating it to a spiritual experience for the listeners.

The Prime Minister’s endorsement of this devotional offering emphasizes the universal appeal of devotional music, transcending boundaries and resonating with people from all walks of life. By sharing such culturally rich and spiritually uplifting content, Shri Narendra Modi continues to connect with the diverse fabric of the nation.

As the bhajan spreads its divine aura, listeners are encouraged to immerse themselves in the soulful rendition, fostering a sense of spiritual unity and devotion. The choice of “Sabne Tumhein Pukara Shree Ram Ji” by the Prime Minister underscores the power of music in fostering a sense of peace, harmony, and reverence for timeless spiritual values.

In a world where music often serves as a bridge between cultures and communities, the Prime Minister’s endorsement of this devotional bhajan reflects the timeless tradition of bringing people together through the universal language of melody and spirituality.

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