Prime Minister Mourns the Passing of Renowned Hindi Litterateur, Pandit Hariram Dwivedi


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In a somber announcement from the Prime Minister’s office today, Narendra Modi expressed deep sorrow over the demise of the noted Hindi litterateur, Pandit Hariram Dwivedi. The prolific writer, hailing from the cultural city of Kashi, had left an indelible mark on the world of Hindi literature with his poetic collections such as “Anganaiya” and “Jeevandayini Ganga.”

Prime Minister Modi took to social media to share his condolences, posting on X:

“हिंदी साहित्य के मूर्धन्य रचनाकार और काशी के निवासी पंडित हरिराम द्विवेदी जी के निधन से दुखी हूं। अंगनइया और जीवनदायिनी गंगा जैसे कविता संग्रहों और अपनी विभिन्न रचनाओं के साथ, वे हमेशा हमारे जीवन में उपस्थित रहेंगे। उन्हें श्रीचरणों में स्थान मिले, ईश्वर से मेरी यही प्रार्थना है।”

Pandit Hariram Dwivedi, with his eloquent verses and diverse literary contributions, had become a revered figure in the realm of Hindi literature. His poetry resonated with readers, and his works like “Anganaiya” and “Jeevandayini Ganga” will continue to be cherished for generations to come.

The Prime Minister’s message reflects the profound impact Pandit Hariram Dwivedi had on the cultural and literary landscape of India. The loss of such a distinguished figure is being keenly felt across the nation.

As the literary community mourns the passing of this luminary, tributes pour in from admirers, fellow writers, and cultural enthusiasts. The legacy of Pandit Hariram Dwivedi, a true maestro of Hindi literature, will undoubtedly endure as his words continue to weave through the fabric of our collective consciousness.

The Prime Minister concluded his message with a heartfelt prayer for the departed soul, expressing hope that Pandit Hariram Dwivedi finds eternal solace in the divine abode.

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