Prime Minister Modi Regards New Parliament Building as an Emblem of Fresh Start

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking during the inaugural session of the new Parliament building, emphasized its significance as a symbol of renewal and called on members of the Rajya Sabha to unanimously support the Narishakti Vandan Adhiniyam. He highlighted the historical importance of this occasion and the original intent for the upper House of Parliament to foster intellectual discussions beyond political discourse.

Modi quoted former President Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, emphasizing that Parliament is not merely a legislative body but also a deliberative one. He praised the value of quality debates in the Rajya Sabha, stating that the new building would energize India’s 140 crore citizens.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of setting and achieving goals promptly, citing the nation’s impatience to see progress. He called for a fresh approach to meet the people’s aspirations, which entails expanding the scope of work and thought processes.

Modi highlighted that the Rajya Sabha could serve as an inspirational model for legislative bodies across the country, emphasizing the importance of parliamentary probity. He acknowledged significant decisions made over the last nine years, despite the government not having the required numbers in the Rajya Sabha, and credited the members’ maturity and intellect.

The Prime Minister emphasized the prioritization of national interest across different governments in a democratic setup, noting the role of Rajya Sabha as the House of the States and citing examples of Centre-state cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He highlighted the spirit of cooperative federalism in the new Parliament building, where artifacts from various states hold a place of prominence.

Modi also discussed the rapid advancements in technology, emphasizing the need for adaptability to keep pace with technological progress.

He envisioned India as one of the top three global economies in the New Parliament and emphasized the saturation of welfare schemes for the poor.

The Prime Minister encouraged the adoption of new technologies among members and stressed the integration of technology into daily life.

Modi mentioned the success of the Make in India initiative and the increasing participation of women in various sectors.

He discussed women-led development, women’s reservation in Parliament, and the pending bill for the reservation of women in Lok Sabha and assemblies.

The Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam was introduced as a Constitution Amendment Bill in the Lok Sabha and would be debated the following day.

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