PM Modi Celebrates BJP’s Triumph in State Polls, Forecasts Hat-Trick Victory in 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

PM Modi Celebrates BJP's Triumph in State Polls

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed jubilation on Sunday over the Bharatiya Janata Party’s significant success in the assembly elections, deeming it a triumph for the government’s self-reliant India agenda. Modi confidently declared that the party’s hat-trick in the states serves as a prelude to securing a hat-trick of victories in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

Addressing a spirited crowd at the BJP headquarters, Modi attributed the victory to widespread support for the party’s anti-corruption initiatives. He emphasized that the election results should serve as a lesson to the Congress and the opposition’s INDIA bloc, cautioning that the mere assembly of dynasts on a stage might produce an appealing photograph but cannot win the confidence of the people.

In a stern rebuke to opposition parties, Modi asserted that voters have sent a warning regarding corruption, urging these parties to reform their ways or face elimination by the people. He warned against anyone obstructing the Centre’s development initiatives, stating that the masses will remove such obstacles.

Highlighting the prevailing sentiment, Modi stated, “Some people are already saying our hat-trick in the states is a guarantee of a hat-trick in the Lok Sabha polls in 2024.” He called on opposition parties not to align with those working against the country’s interests during a period of rapid development.

Addressing a large gathering of BJP members, including several Union ministers, Modi expressed confidence that the election results would bolster the world’s belief in India and instill greater confidence in global investors. According to him, the outcomes signify growing support for the BJP’s agenda for a developed India.

Modi underscored that people are choosing a stable government with a robust majority, signaling a preference for politics aligned with national interests. He reiterated that the empowerment of women, youth, the poor, and farmers is crucial for the country’s progress.

Observing that the majority of Other Backward Classes and Scheduled Tribes members fall into these categories, Modi asserted their endorsement of the BJP’s policies and roadmap. He concluded by stating that the dreams of farmers, youth, and every citizen aspiring to a developed India by 2047 have found success with the election results, pledging to fulfill these aspirations with unwavering determination.

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