People want a better alternative in Bihar: Prashant Kishor

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Chapra/Patna: Political strategist turned politician Prashant Kishor, on the 27 days of his Jan Suraj Yatra, told Bagahi village under Loriya police station that people of Bihar wish for a better political alternative. They say that due to lack of a better alternative, those leaders and political parties are getting votes. He asks people about forming a political party as a better alternative or continuing his Yatra in every meeting and the reply is that there should be a better alternative.

He said that the exodus of youth to other states is frustrating. Only children and women are seen in the villages as under compulsion, male members are away for earning bread and butter. The most pathetic scene is that poverty is prevailing and women and children are victims of malnutrition, and a maximum number of children have no clothes. The Gulf of poverty and inequality is very steep. A maximum number of persons have no land and a few are masters of huge land. During his pad yatra, he found that villagers have to go to open to attend nature’s call and rural roads are in such a dilapidated condition that it can be compared to the Lalu era. Of course work towards power has been done but complaints of exorbitant bills exist, he said.

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