Panic in Kerala due to African swine flu, meat sale banned, 48 pigs killed

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Kottayam (Kerala): A private pig farm in Kerala’s Kottayam district is in panic due to the outbreak of African swine flu. In two-three days these 6-7 pigs have died. Epidemiologist Rahul S said that the first information of African swine flu was received in Kottayam district on 13 October and the sample was sent for investigation. There this virus has been confirmed.

According to epidemiologist Rahul, there were a total of 67 pigs present in the farm. Out of this, 19 were already dead and we have killed 48 pigs. The region has imposed strict restrictions on the transportation and sale of animals, the sale of animal meat and vehicles carrying animals. Steps have also been taken to ensure that no pigs are taken from the infected area.

Earlier, a massive campaign has been started in Kerala to kill more than 20 thousand birds due to avian flu. After the confirmation of avian flu in ducks, instructions were given to kill the birds.

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