Noida: Model dies during fashion show after lighting truss collapsed on her

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Noida: A 24-year-old model died and one person was injured when a lighting truss collapsed on them during a fashion show in Film City, Noida, on Sunday, said police.
The organizers of the fashion show and those who installed the lighting truss are being questioned, the police added.
The police said the deceased was identified as Vanshika Chopra, 24, a resident of Gaur City-2, Greater Noida. The injured Bobby Raj, who is a resident of Agra, was rushed to a nearby hospital where he is currently undergoing treatment.
Four suspects have been detained for questioning, said ADCP Noida Shakti Awasthi.
The tragic incident took place around 1.30 pm while the fashion show was going on, said the police.

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