NEP to play imp role in youth self-reliance: ABVP

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Jaipur, 27 November (BT): Newly-elected National President of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and educationist Dr. Rajsharan Shahi believes that the new National Education Policy of the country will play an important role in making the youth self-reliant. On the question of Jammu and Kashmir, he said that Article 370 is over, but the whole scene there will change only when there is social awakening. Hindusthan Samachar spoke to Dr. Shahi on many such burning issues. Here are the highlights of the conversation:

HS: How will we take Indian education to the global stage? Is there a blueprint ready?

RS: (Smiles) Yes, ABVP doesn’t just say anything. Without planning, neither any resolution is taken nor any proposal comes. Each nation has its own original character. It can be established on the world stage with his original character, can become the world’s guide. India’s new National Education Policy is propounding this. In the new National Education Policy, for the first time, provision has been made to provide education based on India’s values and traditions. There has also been an attempt to link the education of India with the language of the country. However, India’s education was still being viewed through the prism of the West. Now we have started walking towards our original nature. The way is easy and simple, the direction is also clear. India will become India only by walking on its own path, not like America or Britain.

HS: So should it be believed that India will never become a superpower?

RS: Yes, we have to make India not a superpower, but a Vishwaguru. The word superpower can be taken in a narrow sense. I will also tell you the reason behind this, there is scope for misuse of power in ego, but there is totality with gravity, there is inclusiveness. That is why we believe in moving forward with the spirit of Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina. Only a Guru can do this.

HS: How do you view education? Is this ‘Education for National Development’?

RS: I understand what you are talking about. The title of the report of the Kothari Commission in the year 1966 was ‘Education for National Development’. It was discussed a lot. In the year 1986, a journalist asked Kothari that if he had to report today, what would he say? He simply replied that he would change the title. Now it will be called ‘Education for Character Development’. Understand the essence of this short line of his. India’s education has been providing a blissful situation from dark since ancient times. There was a conspiracy to weaken India by spoiling this form of Indian education or knowledge. Undoubtedly, this education led to mental development in India, but the process of character building was weakened. We have to prepare self-reliant youth along with mental and character development. This path is opening in the new National Education Policy.

HS: Is the new education policy not being commercialised? If it is happening then how will it stop, is there any plan?

RS: Your apprehension is not baseless. ABVP has always been against commercialisation of education. We have also passed a resolution in the convention in this regard. We have demanded the governments to make provision of funds in the budget for the implementation of the new education policy.

HS: Government has banned organisation like PFI. How effective do you think it is?

RS: The act of banning any radical organisation is under constitutional and state control. Restrictions are not a local fix. It should be countered at the social level. It will be more effective. Being a social organisation, ABVP will create social awareness for it. Even in Kashmir, the central government has removed Article 370 and 35(A), but there is still a need for social awareness here. When there will be social awakening, then only the scene will be different.

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