Last solar eclipse of the year from 2:29 pm today

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New Delhi: The last solar eclipse of this year in the country will start at 2:29 pm on Tuesday and will end at 6.32 pm. The solar eclipse will last for about 4 hours and three minutes. The Sutak period of the eclipse has started 12 hours ago. Many things are forbidden during the Sutak period of the solar eclipse. The eclipse can be seen in some parts of the world including India.

The Sutak of the solar eclipse started at 4:29 am. This solar eclipse will last till the eclipse ends. According to the Indian calendar, the touch of the eclipse will be at 4:29 in the day, at 5:14 in the middle and at 5:42 pm. The total average time of the eclipse will be 73 minutes.

This time the solar eclipse is falling on Kartik Krishna Amavas in Chitra Nakshatra in Viskumbh Yoga and Nagkaran. Exactly 27 years before today, on October 24, 1995, there was an eclipse in the same constellation and yoga. The only difference is that at that time the solar eclipse occurred at sunrise, whereas this time the solar eclipse will take place at sunset.

Solar Eclipse in Lucknow from 04:36 PM to 05:29 PM, in Hyderabad from 04:58 PM to 05:48 PM, in Bhopal from 04:42 PM to 05:47 PM, in Chandigarh in the evening 04:23 PM to 05:41 PM, Nagpur 04:49 PM to 05:42 PM, Bengaluru 05:12 PM to 05:56 PM Ahmedabad 04:38 PM Till 06:06 PM, 04:51 PM to 06:06 PM in Pune and 04:31 PM to 05:41 PM in Mathura.

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