India to manufacture USD 300 billion electronic goods by 2026: Rajeev Chandrasekhar

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New Delhi: Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid out a vision that India would play a significant role in the global electronics supply chain and manufacture USD 300 billion ectronics goods by 2026.

“PM has laid out a very clear vision that India will be a significant player in the global electronics supply chain. He laid a target that India will do a 300 billion dollars of electronics manufacturing by 2026,” said Chandrasekhar on Saturday.

“From next year, mobile phones will be among top 10 categories for exports from India. There is an underlying vision and policy framework that is causing this shift in global brands to seek India as a global manufacturing destination,” he added.

He also said that PM Modi has a vision of broadening the electronic ecosystem.

“Very soon a comprehensive semi-conductor ecosystem including design, packaging, fabrication and manufacturing will be established in India,” said the Minister.

“We are creating a framework of modern laws, and India is becoming a global hub for innovation. One of the enabling environments for our start-ups is a modern framework of policies. We will soon do the Digital India Act,” he added.

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