India is a beacon of hope for the rest of the World, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tells the Indian community in Bali

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Bali: Addressing the Indian community here on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India is a ray of hope for the world in the 21st century. India sees it as a responsibility and moves forward by including the economic and political aspirations of the world in its road map of development.

Highlighting the achievements of the Indian community in Bali, Indonesia, the Prime Minister also invited them to attend the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in Indore next year. In his address to the Indian community, the Prime Minister highlighted India-Indonesia relations, India’s current development journey and India’s role globally.

Referring to India’s role at the global level, Prime Minister Modi said that in the field of renewable energy, India gave the mantra of One Sun One World One Grid. India launched the One Earth program to strengthen global healthcare. To deal with climate change, India gave the solution of Mission ‘LIFE’.

He said that today when the whole world is getting attracted towards eco-friendly and holistic health care, India’s Yoga and Ayurveda is a gift to the entire humanity.

The Prime Minister said that India and Indonesia are linked through shared heritage and culture. He said that the vast ocean waves have kept India-Indonesia relations as exuberant and vibrant as the waves. Today engineers, chartered accountants and various professionals from India are collaborating efficiently with Indonesia. Many Tamil people are contributing a lot to enriching the culture of Indonesia.

The Prime Minister said that India has talent, technology, innovation and industry which has made its mark all over the world. Since 2014, work is being done in India at a very fast pace and on a large scale. India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. India is number one in digital transactions. India is number one in Global Fintech. In the field of defence, India was dependent on imports for decades. But now be it missiles or Tejas fighters, every growing defence capability is now mesmerizing the world.

India and Indonesia may be 90 nautical miles apart, but in reality, we are not 90 nautical miles apart but 90 nautical miles closer, he said.

Explaining the achievements of his government in a comparative way, the Prime Minister said that India has opened accounts equal to the population of America, has built houses equal to the population of Australia and has built such a long national highway that it is one and a half times the length of the entire world. India has vaccinated two and a half times the total population of America and Europe for free during the Corona period. Today India is self-sufficient in the pharmaceutical sector and in vaccines, which has benefited the world during the pandemic.

Describing India and Indonesia as companions of happiness and sorrow, the Prime Minister said that during the massive Indonesian earthquake in 2018, India immediately launched Operation Samudra Maitri. This land of Bali is sanctified by the penance of Maharishi Markandeya and Maharishi Agastya. If India has the Himalayas then Bali has the Agung mountain. If there is Ganga in India, then there is Tirtha Ganga in Bali. We also start every auspicious work in India, here also Shri Ganesh is sitting in every house. Purnima fasting, the glory of Ekadashi, the tradition of Sun worship through Trikal Sandhya, and worship of knowledge in the form of Maa Saraswati all unite us.

He said, We also proudly remember the Ramayana tradition of Indonesia when the foundation stone of the grand Ram temple is laid at the birthplace of Lord Ram in India.

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