Hyderabad: Lookout notice issued against me, claims YS Sharmila

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Hyderabad: Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Telangana Party (YSRTP) chief YS Sharmila on Friday claimed that a lookout notice has been issued against her for taking on the fight on behalf of the youth against Chief Minister KCR’s “dictatorial rule”.
Sharmila hit out at KCR over the issue of the TSPSC paper leak and alleged that the police are being provoked to issue notices against her. “Issuing lookout notices against me, as I am fighting on behalf of the unemployed is proof of KCR’s dictatorial rule. By now, I have been house arrested twice. Now the police are being provoked by issuing lookout notices (against me). In the TSPSC question papers scam, SIT is leaving out the big heads,” she tweeted.
A lookout circular letter is used by the authorities to ascertain if a travelling person is wanted by the police.
This comes after Sharmila was detained by the Hyderabad Police before she reached the Telangana Public Service Commission (TSPSC) office in Hyderabad to hold a protest there regarding the paper leak issue.
In a video posted in the tweet, Sharmila alleged that the Chief Minister has formed a Special Investigation Team to probe the paper leak case to give a message that no higher officials are involved in the case.
“KCR has formed an SIT in the TSPSC question paper leakage issue. He is trying to tell through the SIT that there is no involvement of big people in this and only small people are involved. YSRTP has decided to lay siege to the TSPSC office as we came to know that he is trying to close this TSPSC issue easily through the SIT. We were house arrested 10 days back as we tried to lay siege to the TSPSC office. I was house arrested and not allowed to go out for anything,” she alleged.
She claimed that hundreds of police personnel were deployed at her residence and party office and she “managed to escape” from her residence last night.
“Somehow, I managed to escape from my house yesterday night and stayed at a hotel room. As if the police has no other work, hundreds of police were deployed at my residence and party office all these days. I was house arrested and today I hear that lookout notices have been issued in my name,” she alleged.
“Am I some criminal to give lookout notice in my name? Did I do anything wrong? If the TSPSC paper leaked, whose fault is it? Where should your forces be? What should be your priorities?” Sharmila asked.
Citing her claims of a lookout notice against her, the YSRTP party chief asked if there is a more “dictatorial” chief minister than this.
“If you have given lookout notice for me, is there any Chief Minister in the world who is more dictatorial and inefficient than this? You can do how much ever corruption you want, your daughter can do a liquor scam, you can do corruption in the Kaleswaram project, and your son can do a real estate scam. Your people can leak the question paper, you can give Dalit bandu to your followers, and you can give double-bedroom houses to BRS party people. How much ever atrocities you do, as you have power, you use the police so that you are not harmed,” she alleged.
The TSPSC on March 15 had cancelled the Assistant Engineers (AE) exam held on March 5, following allegations of the question paper leak.
On March 13, police arrested nine people, including two employees of the TSPSC. Following the arrest of the accused, the Commission cancelled the exam and also postponed other exams scheduled to be held later this month. (ANI)

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