Home Ministry gears up to provide anti drone guns to security forces

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The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has geared up to provide the latest sophisticated anti drone guns to the security agencies.

New Delhi: The Home Ministry in a recent directive issued to the stakeholders and firms dealing with anti-drone guns, has asked them to contact the Border Security Force (BSF) with all details by August 23. A senior home ministry official privy to the development told ETV Bharat that BSF has suggested to the ministry on the “essential features” required for anti-drone guns.

It is worth mentioning that security forces deputed along the international border, especially BSF have been detecting drones coming from across the fence. While releasing the draft qualitative requirements and trial directives in respect of anti-drone guns, the ministry said that they should be handheld and backpack or a combination of both as well as mountable on a tripod, easily transportable and capable in day and night environments.

“The system (anti-drone guns) should be easily deployable with ease and should be lightweight UAS (unmanned aircraft system) countermeasure solution designed for one hand or two hand operation backpack or combination of both,” the MHA said. It further said that the system should be able to cut off communication between the target UAS and the remote controller by jamming data links.

“The system should also be provided with radio frequency status indicator,” the MHA said. According to the MHA, the system should be capable to neutralise the UAS or group of UAS (Swarm attack) from a distance of 01 km and 02 km. The system should be capable to neutralise the UAS by jamming its radio and GNSS links at its place of operation within 10 seconds after pressing of jamming system.

The system should operate on a lithium-based rechargeable battery. The supplied battery should have a warranty of three years. Batteries should have a backup of a minimum of 1 hour for continuous operation.

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