Govt doesn’t want discussion on issues it feels would embarrass it, claims Tharoor

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New Delhi:  The Narendra Modi dispensation has been “stalling” the Opposition’s demand for discussions on every issue which it feels would embarrass it, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor alleged Friday, slamming the government for “not allowing” discussion in Parliament on Adani Group stock rout.

Lok Sabha proceedings were adjourned till 2 pm on Friday due to protests by opposition members demanding a probe by a joint parliamentary committee into the fraud-allegation-triggered rout in Adani Group company stocks.

The Thiruvananthapuram MP said Parliament is a place to discuss issues facing the nation so that people can see “the concerns of the MPs and what the MPs are focussing on”.

“Sadly, however, our government doesn’t see the merit of it. So they are stalling (discussions). As a result, now we have lost two days,” he charged.

“All the opposition parties unitedly want to discuss this (Adani Group issue) extremely important issue as it affects the citizens of this country. They believe that this is a matter of sufficient importance that the government should permit,” Tharoor told PTI in the Parliament House complex.

But the government doesn’t want to discuss any issue that it thinks would embarrass it, he alleged.

“The government didn’t want China (border situation) to be discussed in the last session. It also didn’t want unemployment and price rise to be discussed,” Tharoor claimed.

“I just hope there are some points they will see the merit in coming to an accommodation with the opposition and in working out an arrangement whereby every issue that matters to our public can be discussed,” he added.

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