Golden period between Britain, China over: Rishi Sunak

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London: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has clearly said that the golden age of relations between Britain and China is over. Along with this, the British Prime Minister has announced to execution of the Free Trade Agreement with India soon.

Rishi Sunak, competing against Liz Truss during the race to become the Prime Minister of Britain, promised that if he wins, he will take a tough stand against China. He described China as the No. 1 threat to domestic and global security.

After becoming the Prime Minister of Britain, Sunak made a strong attack on China. Condemning the thrashing of a British journalist in Shanghai, he said China has presented a systematic challenge to Britain’s values and interests.

Sunak said that the golden age of relations between Britain and China is over. Now even the idea that trade will lead to social and political reforms has become meaningless. China is using its full government power to increase its influence in the world. Earlier, the proposed meeting between Sunak and Chinese President Xi Jinping during the G-20 summit also did not take place. Britain has also banned security cameras made in China from being installed in sensitive government buildings.

Along with taking a tough stand towards China, the British Prime Minister has also talked about strengthening its relations with India. He said that he will further strengthen his relations with the Indo-Pacific region. His government will prioritize strengthening its trade and security ties with allies in the Indo-Pacific region. He reiterated Britain’s commitment to a free trade agreement with India.

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