Drones banned in Mumbai till Dec 12 due to terrorist threats

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Mumbai: The police administration has banned the flying of drones in the city till December 12, in view of the threat of terror attacks in Mumbai.

Explosives were found on Thursday in the Bhogavati river in Pen adjacent to Mumbai, which have been defused. The Mumbai Police have received many terrorist threat calls.

The Mumbai Police have issued an order banning the flying of drones, remote controls, micro-light aircraft, para-gliders, para-motors, hang gliders etc. in the city till December 12. Citizens violating this order will be prosecuted under section 183 of the Indian Penal Code. This order will be applicable in Mumbai from November 13 to December 12.

The Mumbai Police said that anti-social elements and terrorists can use drones and other flying objects to endanger public life, destroy public property and disrupt law and order. So, it has been decided to ban drones in the city. An exception to this order is the drones used by the Mumbai Police for aerial surveillance.

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