Congress will protest against the increase in the cost of electricity throughout the state

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Dehradun: The BJP government has given the people of Uttarakhand a new year’s gift by raising the price of cooking gas cylinders and the power tariff, according to PCC president Karan Mahara. He claimed that the BJP governments at the federal and state levels do not care about the concerns of the general populace. The PCC president asserted that in addition to raising power prices, the State administration also plans to raise drinking water and sewage rates, adding to the burden already being felt by residents who are already suffering from sharp price increases. He claimed that the BJP has burdened the public by raising the costs of cooking gas, drinking water, and electricity in lieu of the sizable mandate it was granted.

The PCC president stated that the State government should respond as to why it has paid Crores of rupees to Gujarat-based corporations without even acquiring power from them. He claimed that the State government has once more shown that it simply works to benefit its industrialist allies financially. Mahara claimed that the government had entirely failed to rein in the rising costs and that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his allies were mocking the nation’s poor. Mahara called the state government’s move to raise the cost of electricity “dictatorial” and requested that it immediately reverse the decision. He declared that the Congress party will disagree with the choice and would demonstrate on Tuesday outside of all district and Mahanagar offices.

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