Cong model destroyed Gujarat and country: Modi

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Mehsana: Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at the Congress party at the Vijay Sankalp Sammelan organised in Mehsana on Wednesday.

He gave an account of the progress and development done in the BJP rule in the last 20 years to the public. Discussing the Congress model, he told that during the rule of Congress, nepotism, dynasty, corruption of billions and trillions, casteism, communalism, vote bank politics, and politics of fighting people to stay in power was dominated. Modi said that this model of Congress destroyed Gujarat and the country, due to which it took a lot of struggle to rebuild the country.

Prime Minister Modi tried to attract the youth. He told the youth that he did not know about the situation in Gujarat 20 years ago. In 20 years, a whole new generation has come. Today’s youth are seeing the effect of the changes brought about by development, they did not see the absence. Gujarat has been carried forward in the midst of natural ravages and troubles. They have to work hard day and night.

Prime Minister Modi said that in Unjha Umiadham, he had clearly explained to the leaders there about stopping female foeticide. It had its effect. This stopped this social evil and improved the girl-boy ratio. He said that after this the government emphasized on girl empowerment and nutrition, which brought about a change. Talking about the future of youth, Modi said that there has been a lot of improvement in education in 20 years and initiative has been taken to build Sainik School in this area.

Prime Minister Modi said that the business of making electric vehicles has spread rapidly in the entire North Gujarat including Mehsana. It seems that this sector will be able to capture the world market in the direction of making electric vehicles. The vehicles made here are being sold in Japan. The government’s focus on increasing religious tourism, including places of archaeological importance, brought about a change. The work of the Mehsana, Abu Road, Tarangahil, and Ambaji rail line work of the English era has now been started.

Referring to Mehsana, Modi said that 20 years ago there was a serious problem of water and electricity in this area. In Mehsana, Congress fired bullets on the demand for electricity. There used to be corruption in giving electricity connections. But, in the last 20 years, the BJP changed the whole situation by paying attention to small things and problems.

Earlier, when water used to come, it used to be like Diwali. The government relieved the people of this problem. After the Sujalam Suflam Yojana was implemented, the problem was uprooted and thrown away. Modi told that 80,000 kilometres of transmission lines were laid in the state to solve electricity problems, and 20 lakh new poles were installed. He said that 20 years ago there were 55 lakh electricity connections in the state, today there is 2 crore, while electricity connections in the fields have increased from 5 lakh to 20 lakh. 55 MW was generated from coal. Today 70,000MW is produced from coal.

Prime Minister Modi said that Modhera and Mehsana districts have shone in the whole world due to the formation of the country’s first Suryagram Modhera. The Secretary General of the UN visited Suryagram here and spoke publicly about it. Comparing it with the Congress rule, Modi said 20 years ago there was zero production from the power of the sun. Today 8000 MW of solar power is being generated. Similarly, wind power has increased from zero to 10,000 MW, hydropower has increased from 500 MW to 800 MW, gas power has increased from 2000 to 4000 MW, and coal has increased from 55 MW to 17 thousand MW. He informed me that Gujarat has become number one in the country in rooftop solar power generation.

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