China engineered COVID ‘Bioweapon’ to infect people, Wuhan researcher’s shocking revelations

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Mumbai: China has continuously been blamed for the spread of coronavirus and claiming millions of lives. Now, a researcher named Chao Shao from Wuhan Institute has come forward with shocking revelations. He claimed that coronavirus was purposely engineered by China as a “bioweapon”. He also claimed that his colleagues were given four strains of the virus to find out which one could spread faster.

China engineered COVID ‘Bioweapon’ to infect people
Wuhan institute of virology

The interview was conducted by Jennifer Zeng, a Chinese-born human rights activist and author. He also claimed that virologists were sent to examine athletes from different countries who had come for Military Games in Wuhan. “Chao Shan (Chao Shao’s colleague) mentions that several of his colleagues went missing during the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan. Later, one of them revealed that they were sent to hotels where athletes from various countries were staying to check their health or hygiene conditions. Since checking hygiene doesn’t require virologists, Chao Shan suspected that they were sent there to spread the virus,” Chao Shao said in an interview with Jennifer Zeng. So far, the true origin of the pandemic that has caused nearly 7 million deaths worldwide is still not clear

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